How to Make Tiger Butter (Recipe)

Tiger butter, my favorite home made candy!

Tiger Butter recipe (as pdf)


6 Bars of chocolate:
3 dark chocolate
3 white (I use 2 white and 1 white with “Croquant”)
2 spoonful of crunchy peanut butter

It doesn’t have to be bars of chocolate, you can use chocolate chip – just be sure to use the same amount of dark and white chocolate!


Break the chocolate and melt the dark and the white each in a double boiler:

I don’t have a double boiler so I do it this way. I make my own double boiler by putting water in a pan and placing the chocolate in a big bowl or another pan. By heating the water the chocolate will melt slowly.


Add two spoonfuls of peanut butter to the white chocolate.

Prepare the dish for the chocolate while chocolate is slowly melting.

To make it easier to remove the chocolate use cooking paper. Fold the paper to the size of the dish. You can see the size of the dish I use. Fold the corners to make it stand.

Place in the dish.

After I fold the corners I make a cuff so it’ll stand on its own. Or, to make it easier, staple the corners together!


When the chocolates are melted:

pour the dark chocolate into the dish and spread it on the bottom.













Pour the white chocolate and peanut butter mixture on top and spread it to cover the dark chocolate.






Coarsely “Mix”

the chocolates together using a kitchen knife and turning the chocolate about 9 – 12 times.

Important: be sure to scrape the bottom every time when turning!





Marble the mixture:

Start the long way, then the short way and then the long way.

Again, be sure to put the knife onto the bottom of the dish (but don’t cut the paper while doing this step, which is why you use a kitchen knife.)



Put the dish out to cool and harden the chocolate. Of course, you can also put it in the Refrigerator.






The chocolate should be firm enough to cut without getting messy but not so cool that it breaks when cutting (like peanut brittle).





Trim away the chocolate around the edges.

Cut the chocolate into small pieces and refrigerate (you can also freeze it!). This is too sweet to cut brownie-sized pieces, go for a fudge-size.




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